Wild Animal Wednesday: Go Gophers!

This upcoming Saturday the University of Minnesota’s Golden Gopher football team will go up against their rivals – the Badgers of the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Kick-off is at 2:30 PM at TCF Bank Stadium. To show our school spirit, here are a few gophers and ground squirrels–from nature–found within the glass plate negative collection of the Bell Museum of Natural History.

Go Gophers!

Gray gopher, Big Stone Lake, near Foster, 1924

Gray gopher sitting up, Big Stone Lake, near Foster, 1924

Richardson’s spermophile [ground squirrel], five young, ¾ grown, Red River Valley, June 1928

Richardson’s spermophile [ground squirrel], two, one sitting up, Red River Valley, June 1928

Richardson’s spermophile [ground squirrel], one sitting up, left view, 1928