Tuesday Tweet: The Tern takes a turn…

In June of 1917, Thomas Sadler Roberts had a close encounter with a Black Tern. The Tern, who was resting upon a nest of eggs, became the subject of a series of photographs taken by Roberts. These photographs, of which were taken at close distance, portray the Tern in a variety of natural poses…


BlackTern03.jpg BlackTern05.jpg


BlackTern09.jpg BlackTern11.jpg

How did the Tern feel about this?

Black Tern diving at Thomas Sadler Roberts’s head, Minneapolis, June 1917

View unaltered glass plate negative images below (click on thumbnail for larger view):

BlackTern02.jpg BlackTern04.jpg BlackTern06.jpg BlackTern08.jpg

BlackTern10.jpg BlackTern12.jpg BlackTern14.jpg