Catch of the Day

With Minnesota fishing licenses set to expire tomorrow, we thought we should share some of the fishy photos from the negatives in the Bell Museum of Natural History records to commemorate the close of the 2013 angling season. Cast your eyes upon these catches:

John Nordquist and string of 25 crappies, September 1921, Itasca State Park

Tom Roberts and a four pound Pike, undated [Thomas Cleveland Roberts, son of Thomas Sadler Roberts]

Mrs. Alice R. Rogers with trout weighing 2 ΒΌ pounds, July 1904, Brook Lodge, near Lake City, Minnesota

Row of Brook Trout, suckers all caught at Brook Lodge by Tom Roberts and Thomas Sadler Roberts, June 1903, near Lake City, Minnesota

Large Pickerel caught at Cass Lake by Lawrence Lofstrom, undated