Wild Animal Wednesday: Scary Animals

A close friend of mine recently shared a quote from her 2-year-old son,

“Bears can scare people, Mom. And monsters, and snakes, and lions. All sorts of animals can scare people.”

After I read his realization, I had to laugh, because within the past couple of days I have encountered 3 out of 4 of the animals he mentioned. Though my animal encounters were in black and white, and on a computer file rather than in the flesh, I would have to agree that bears, monsters, and snakes can certainly be scary…

Two black bears in cage, Bear Group, circa 1925

One black bear standing, Bear Group, circa 1925


Prairie rattlesnake, from life, Colorado, circa 1925

Gila1una427465.jpg Gila3una427469.jpg
Gila monster from life, circa 1925

(Ah! It’s looking right at you…)

(from the glass plate negatives in the Bell Museum of Natural History collection)