Tuesday Tweet: Bath time!

(from the glass plate negatives in the Bell Museum of Natural History collection)

Birdbath at Frank Commons residence, 1923

Birdbath on wall at W.C. Edgar’s place, 1923

Birdbath in front yard at W.C. Edgar’s place, 1923

Birdbath at Franklin M. Crosby’s with Johnny Crosby, August 12, 1923, Lake Minnetonka

Birdbath at John Crosby’s, August 12, 1923, Lake Minnetonka

To learn about birdbaths, why birds need water, and to get practical tips on how to install a birdbath in your own yard, read “Providing Water for Birds,” in the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s pdf publication, Bird Notes from Sapsucker Woods. I like the conclusion, “Remember: if you’re trying to make your backyard a better place for birdlife, few things are more attractive than a well-maintained birdbath. Just add water and watch the fun.