There have been multiple occasions where I’ve gasped while reviewing the images from the glass plate negative collection of the Bell Museum of Natural History. I saved many of those gasp-worthy images to share for this very week because they are creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, and yes, all together ooky – perfect to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. Each day this week I will share an interesting and/or off-putting image (however you want to categorize them) from the glass plate negative collection. With animal study as a primary interest of the University’s natural history museum, there are just as many creepy and curious images as there are cute ones

Right off the bat, here are some images of a staple mascot of the upcoming holiday – a bat! This particular red bat was a specimen collected by museum taxidermist and preparator Jenness Richardson.

una421820-crop.jpg una421820-small.jpg
Bat, red, front view, on table, undated

una421822-crop.jpg una421822-small.jpg
Bat, red, central view, hanging, undated

Bat, red, central view, hanging, undated

Bat, red, side view, hanging, undated

Bat, red, back view, hanging, undated