Tuesday Tweet: Eggcellent!

A comprehensive study of ornithology considers not only the bird as subject, but also attempts to understand bird behaviors and environment. This includes the nest – structure and composition, as well as the eggs – pattern, size, quantity, etc. Thomas Sadler Roberts, the diligent ornithologist, was careful to capture an all-encompassing view of bird life. It is not entirely surprising that the glass plate negatives that he produced, which are found within the Bell Museum of Natural History collection, contain hundreds of images of nests and eggs.

Enjoy the following eggcellent images…

Marsh Hawk nest and eggs, June 1922, Fort Snelling Reservation

Virginia Rail, adult, nest and eggs

Prothonotary Warbler’s nest in ventilator cap, June 24, 1898, LaCrescent

Least Flycatcher’s nest and eggs, June 17, 1899, Heron Lake

Kingbird’s nest on top of post, June 24, 1899, Heron Lake

Ovenbird’s nest, in house